Hall of Fame Origin and Qualifications

The USA CROSSBOW Hall of Fame was officially established in 2002 as a  way for the organization to award our most illustrious members for the  groundbreaking work that they have done in the area of crossbow  shooting.  

To be elected to the Hall of Fame, a prospective inductee must be a  US citizen and any current or former USA CROSSBOW member is eligible.   The inductee should have made a significant contribution to the crossbow  shooting sport in the United States and/or The National Crossbowmen of  the USA, Inc. as an organization.  There are two categories to the USA  CROSSBOW Hall of Fame that a member can be nominated for:  Crossbow  Shooting – for those exceptional competitors who have made a significant  contribution with their shooting abilities.  This is not for one  tournament but over a number of years, someone who has truly dedicated  the time and effort to maintain a leading position over time.  The  second category is for members who are and/or have been true innovators  and Contributors to the Sport – these individuals are who we all owe  much gratitude to because they are the ones who have developed new  designs for crossbows and crossbow parts to make our sport better,  safer, and more enjoyable to participate in.  These individuals may also  have helped to develop the sport and the organizations in it.    Nominations can be made throughout the year and elections will be held  during the annual meeting at the Outdoor Nationals.  Nominations should  be sent to any member of the Executive Committee, (President, Vice  President, Secretary/Treasurer), and should include a short biography of  the nominee listing his/her accomplishments in the crossbow shooting  sport.  At the annual meeting, the person nominating the prospective  Hall of Fame inductee should be prepared to give a brief biography of  that person’s accomplishments with reasons why he/she should be elected. 

Listed below are the individuals that have been elected to  the USA CROSSBOW Hall of Fame by year of induction.         

USA CROSSBOW Inc. Hall of Fame Members

Carol Pelosi

Carol Pelosi was elected into the "Crossbow Shooting" category of the USA Crossbow Hall of Fame in 2002:        

Born 3/12/46 in Philadelphia, PA; resides in Greenbelt, MD:  holds  all national women's crossbow records (except for clout division)...has  won the US Target Crossbow Championship 34 times since '73...has won the  National Indoor Championship 32 times....4-time World Crossbow Champion  ('82, '84, '86, '07), bronze medallist in '88 & '90 World Crossbow  Championships, 5th in '92, silver medallist in '94, 6th in 2000...member  of the 2000 World Crossbow Team...1st in '90 Albufiera Cup; 1st in '94  Wiesbaden Cup, 3rd in '96 Chung-Jean Cup, 2nd in 2000 Lion Foundation  Cup, 1st in 2007 Slinzer Cup....Graduated from the University of  Maryland in '68 with a degree in English...Retired from the US Office of  Personnel Management...interests include golf (is in 3 golf leagues),  women's basketball, geocaching, and the stock market.  

George (What a Gentleman) Slinzer

George Slinzer was voted into the "Crossbow Shooting" category of the USA Crossbow Hall of Fame in 2002.

Born in St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, Scranton, Pa. on May 19,  1928.  He was adopted by Joseph and Rose Slinzer.  George attended  Sacred Heart of Jesus School and for 49 years was the caretaker for  Luzerne Borough.  He was a bow and crossbow archer, began competitive  shooting at Penn State University in 1954.  He was the first person to  win the U.S. Target and Field National in the same year.  Between 1963  and 1982 he won the state championship 14 times in the recurve division.   At about 1984, George got interested in Field Crossbow and started  competing in local events.  At the 1986 World Field Crossbow  Championship's that took place in Oxford, Ohio, George won the IAU  Gold Medal.  I have talked to many foreign competitors and they said,  "George is such a gentlemen".  George continued on shooting crossbow,  with some fine scores that all of us would like to have shot.  

Gil Frey

Gil Frey was elected into the "Crossbow Innovators" category of the USA Crossbow Hall of Fame in 2002.

Gilbert John Frey, was born October 19, 1917 in Illinois. Gil became  interested in Crossbow Archery in 1972 and started competing.  He was  active as Corresponding Secretary for 18 years to the National  Crossbowmen and was a large contributor to the Crossbow Chit-Chat.  Gil  spent many hours tinkering with new ideas and was a huge fan of the  Trackless Crossbow.  In 1994, at the World Field Crossbow Championships  that took place in Wiesbaden, Germany, a Rotating Silver Cup in  Gil’s memory was presented to I.A.U. President, Chris Aston to be  presented to the Ladies World Champion at each IAU World Championships.    

Hardy Ward

Hardy Ward was elected into the "Crossbow Innovators" category of the USA Crossbow Hall of Fame in 2002.

Some of you may remember Hardy Ward as being one of the top recurve  archers from the 1960’s, he was in a number of publications, one of  which was “Boys’ Life”.  After archery, he came up with the Ward  crossbow stock which was a trackless crossbow.  Most of the current  trackless crossbow designs are based on his Ward stock.  The Ward stock  was the next significant crossbow design after the Gurik crossbow.   Hardy is currently living and working in China and we hope to have a  more complete biography of him in the near future.  

George Gurik

Geroge Gurik was elected into the "Crossbow Innovators" category of the USA Crossbow Hall of Fame in 2003.

In the mid 1960’s George was asked to help in making a crossbow.  He  said, “let’s get some plans and do it up good”.  He found Bailey plans  and proceeded to make it.  After making one, thoughts came to improve  it.  His past experience in making recurve long bows, for him was ideal.   His prod was a true center shot and his first tournament was at Purdue  University in Indiana.  Most thought his crossbow would not perform  well.  It did very well.  After that tournament others asked George to  build them a crossbow and he did for several until many never kept  coming to tournaments.  Others had ideas on improving and this has  caught on to make the crossbow very accurate.  (You can read more about  George Gurik in the Virtual Museum section.) 

Henry Lloyd "Harry" Bailey

Harry Bailey was elected into the "Crossbow Innovators" category of the USA Crossbow Hall of Fame in 2003.

Henry Lloyd “Harry” Bailey 1874 – 1961:  His first target model  crossbow looked very much like a rifle with a bow across the barrel.  It  was a center-shot design, but it did not shoot as well as he thought it  should.  In 1945 Harry Bailey applied for a patent for his Bailey  Crossbow.  In 1950 the patent was granted and read:  This invention  relates to crossbows and it has for one of its objectives to  provide a crossbow which is constructed to be used with arrows which are  feathered in the same way as arrows used with the conventional longbow.   

His love of archery and  determination to continue on the shooting line with his friends was  responsible for his efforts being turned to crossbow.  His motive was  not entirely for self-gratification, however, as he envisioned the  return of many veterans from the European and Pacific theaters who would  not be able to shoot a longbow, but might be able to handle a  lightweight crossbow.  (You can read more about Harry Bailey in the Virtual Museum  section)  

USA CROSSBOW Inc. Hall of Fame Members contd.

Robert (Big Bob) Kaufhold

Bob Kaufhold was elected into the "Crossbow Innovators" category of the USA Crossbow Hall of Fame in 2005.

Pretty much anyone who shoots field/target crossbow in the United  States has used crossbow equipment designed and/or manufactured by  Kaufhold Machine.  Big Bob manufactured limb mounts, front and rear  sight mounts, a wood stock blank, an excellent trigger designed to shoot  with trackless crossbows.  All of which are available today for the  many do-it-yourselfers that make up the target crossbow sport.  One of  the most widely used components that Kaufhold Machine developed and  markets is their limbs.  The limbs have gone through many iterations up  to the new carbon limbs that were released to the market a couple of  years ago.  Currently, all outdoor world records are held with Kaufhold  limbs and they are fast becoming the limb of choice overseas as well as  in the US.  An expert archer, he founded the York and Lancaster Archery  clubs.  He was past president of the Eastern U.S. Archery Association  and earned its championship titles in 1957, 1962, and 1966.  He also was  the Pennsylvania YMCA archery champion in 1950.  In 1981, he managed  the U.S. archery team that competed in Japan.  Big Bob was also an  accomplished crossbow shooter participating in numerous World  Championships as well as being a standard participant at the Outdoor  Nationals.  He used to host archery/crossbow tournaments near his home  in Lancaster PA and Big Bob would frequently host barbecue events at his  home for the archers/crossbow shooters.