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USA CROSSBOW Inc. background

USA CROSSBOW Inc. has been a recreational crossbow sport organization officially since 1960.  When it was established as The National Crossbowmen of the USA (TNC).

In 1999, TNC was incorporated as The National Crossbowmen of the USA, Inc.

In 2017 TNC was officially re-branded as USA CROSSBOW Inc. in an effort to come up to date with other competitive sports in the US with an attempt to appeal to a wider audience.


More About USA CROSSBOW Inc.


 USA CROSSBOW, Inc. is an organization of people interested in supporting the crossbow sport. Our aim is to perpetuate the history of the crossbow and enhance its use as a sporting instrument for target shooting as well as for hunting. At times we shoot along side of, but not in actual competition with archers.   Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the crossbow sport. It is not necessary to own a crossbow nor that you shoot in actual competition or hunt, although participation in the use of the crossbow is our main objective.  

 USA CROSSBOW members have the opportunity to compete at many local  and regional tournaments, an Indoor and Outdoor National Championships,  the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas, the NFAA Indoor National  Championships, the WAF Archery Classic, and the International Bowhunting  Organization 3D World Championships for sport crossbows.

World  Championships (WC) for target crossbow are held every 2 years and the  USA has an excellent track record of accomplishments at these events.   Team Trials are generally held the year before a WC during the USA  CROSSBOW Outdoor National Championships.  All USA CROSSBOW members are  welcome to shoot in these events.  

 International and National Affiliations  

USA CROSSBOW  is a founding member of the World Crossbow Shooting Association (WCSA)  dedicated to offering target and sport crossbow shooting to everyone. 

USA CROSSBOW is an affiliate of and a division within USA Archery, Inc.  and participates in their National Indoor Championships.  

USA  CROSSBOW is also an affiliate of and a division within the National  Field Archery Association and participates in the World Archery Festival  event in Las Vegas NV and the NFAA Indoor National Championships in  Louisville KY.   

Contact Us

Feel free to contact any USA CROSSBOW Inc. Officer:

President - William G. Pimm Jr.       

                    Phone: (954) 205-5514      

                       Email:    wpxbow@aol.com  

Vice President – Terry Butler      

                              Phone: (570) 237-6366      

                                 Email:  kidxbow@msn.com  

Secretary/Treasurer – Pat Copley

                                                  Phone: (304) 846-6420     

                                                            Email:  usacrossbow@msn.com

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