Crossbow Competition


Shooting Target Crossbows

(Field) Target crossbow shooting has been practiced in England and  the US since the second world war.  During the late 1970’s – early  1980’s the Swedes, Finns, Estonians, New Zealanders and Australians  emerged as well.  The IAU first published rules in 1983.  The sport has  its origins more related to target archery and is shot in an open field  and hence the term “Field” crossbow.  Shooting is restricted to the  standing position with bow draw weights up to 95 lbs. being allowed.  No  mechanical assistance is allowed to span the bow.  Bolts are really  just short arrows in the sense that they are very similar to regular  archery equipment.  Field crossbow shooting may take place side-by-side  with regular archery, and the two disciplines are essentially  compatible.  

Sport (Open) crossbow competition shooting has emerged under the IAU  in the early 1990’s. Sport crossbow shooting is competed over field /  3D type courses as well as at target style tournaments, target faces may  be circular, animal or three-dimensional.  Sport crossbows are the mass  produced hunting type crossbows with heavier draw weights, up to 200  lbs., mechanical cocking aids are allowed to span the bow.  

Beginning  in 2000, the (IBO) has included a crossbow class for their 3D  competitions.  The WCSA also includes an Open crossbow class for their  international competitions.  

International Crossbow Competitions - IAU

Both “match” and “field” crossbow sports are affiliated with  the International Armbrust Union (IAU), with headquarters in  Switzerland.  IAU has sponsored eleven international field crossbow  world championship events that the US has participated in.                                                                                         Finland              1982                                                                                         England             1984                                                                                         USA                    1986                                                                                         Sweden             1988                                                                                         Portugal            1990                                                                                         New Zealan      1992                                                                                         Germany           1994                                                                                         Taiwan               1996                                                                                         Hungary            1998                                                                                         New Zealan       2000                                                                                         Croatia               2002                                                                                         Czech Republic  2004  

In the first four World Championships, anyone could participate even though there were not a member of  their country’s team.  However, in the 1990 World Field Crossbow Championships, held in Portugal in September of 1990, each country was limited to official teams  consisting of up to five men, three women, three juniors, and three  seniors (55 or older) in order to keep the number of participants at a  manageable level.  Interest and growth at the international level has  been very gratifying.   

In the World Championships, two crossbow international - 900 Rounds  are shot over a two day period to determine the individual world  crossbow champions.  Each round consists of 90 arrows, 30 arrows shot  from 65 meters, 30 from 50 meters, and 30 arrows at 35 meters, using a  60 centimeter target face.  The arrows are scored from ten out to one,  with a POSSIBLE combined two day score of 1800.  For the next World  Championships in New Zealand in January 2000, competitors will be  shooting a new 40 centimeter three spot target face at 35 meters.  

Medals have been won by one or more US crossbow man, woman, senior,  or junior in all of the world championships held to date except for 1992  in New Zealand:   

1982, Finland   -  Carol Pelosi, Greenbelt, MD, GOLD, Ladies World Champion.  
1984, England  - Carol Pelosi, Greenbelt, MD, GOLD, Ladies World Champion;                              Sarah Plappert, Sheboygan, WI, GOLD, Junior World Champion;                              Lillie Stauffer, Lancaster, PA, BRONZE, Ladies                                                    
                            Alan Kaufhold, Lancaster, PA, BRONZE, Mens  
1986, USA    -      Carol Pelosi, Greenbelt, MD, GOLD, Ladies World Champion;                              George Slinzeer, Luzerne, PA, GOLD, Mens World Champion;                               James Thomas, Luzerne, PA, BRONZE, Mens  
1988, Sweden -  Carol Pelosi, Greenbelt, MD, BRONZE, Ladies  
1990, Portugal - Carol Pelosi, Greenbelt, MD, BRONZE, Ladies  
1992, New Zealand  -  No USA Medalists!  
1994, Germany - Carol Pelosi, Greenbelt, MD, SILVER; Ladies
                                                                                 BRONZE, US Ladies Team    
1996, Taiwan  -  Carol Pelosi, Greenbelt, MD, BRONZE, Ladies   
1998, Hungary - John Gracey, St. Thomas, PA, GOLD, Sport Crossbow Championships                                                                                  SILVER, US Senior Team
2000, New Zealand   -   No USA Medalists!     
2002, Croatia  -  USA did not participate!    
2004, Czech Republic - USA did not participate!  

After the 1985 World Championships, the target face used was reduced  from 80 centimeters to 60, so scores were not given above since they  would not be comparable.  

The Birth of the World Crossbow Shooting Association (WCSA)

 In 2002, the World Crossbow Shooting Association (WCSA) was formed  and incorporated to further promote target (field) crossbow competition.   The IAU had eliminated the Senior division, abandoned plans for a  Sport Crossbow division and had no  division for Assisted competitors.   The WCSA included all of these divisions as well as promoting more  indoor competitions, another area that the IAU was not promoting.  The  WCSA has held Outdoor World Championships in Target, Sport, 3-D, and  Medieval shooting.  

2003, England        -                 No USA Medalists  
2005, Australia       -                 No USA Medalists  
2007, United States    -            Brent Hankins, OH, GOLD, Junior World Champion 

                                                    James Whispell, PA, SILVER Juniors                                                   
                                                   Mike Blessing Jr, PA, BRONZE Juniors 

                                                    Carol Pelosi, MD, GOLD, Ladies World Champion

                                                    Ashley Butler, PA, SILVER, Ladies 

                                                    Michelle O'Donnell, FL, BRONZE, Ladies 

                                                    James Thomas, PA, GOLD, Mens World Champion

                                                    Ted Lasko, PA, SILVER, Mens                                                   
                                                   William Pimm, FL, BRONZE, Mens 

                                                    Connie Stevens, PA, SILVER, Sr. Female

                                                    Jeannette Price, MD, BRONZE, Sr. Female 

                                                    USA, GOLD, Junior Team World Champions

                                                                       Brent Hankins 

                                                                      James Whispell 

                                                                      Mike Blessing Jr                                                   
                                                   USA, GOLD, Ladies Team World Champions 

                                                                      Carol Pelosi 

                                                                      Michelle O'Donnell  

                                                                     Pat Copley                                                   
                                                   USA2, SILVER, Ladies Team 

                                                                      Ashley Butler

                                                                      Connie Stevens

                                                                      Jeannette Price                                                   
                                                   USA, GOLD, Mens Team World Champions 

                                                                      James Thomas                                                                       
                                                                    Ted Lasko                                                                       
                                                                    William Pimm                                                   
                                                   USA2, BRONZE, Mens Team

                                                                        Joe Silvasi                                                                        
                                                                      Stan Pennypacker

                                                                        Mike Blessing                                                   
                                                   USA, SILVER, Sr. Mens Team 

                                                                       Mike Gough 

                                                                       Odrun Stevens

                                                                        Terry Butler                                                   
                                     Brent Hankins, OH, GOLD Junior MatchPlay World Champion

                                    Mike Blessing Jr, PA, SILVER Junior MatchPlay

                                     James Whispell, PA, BRONZE, Junior MatchPlay 

                               Michelle O'Donnell, FL, GOLD, Ladies MatchPlay World Champion

                                         Carol Pelosi, MD, SILVER, Ladies MatchPlay

                                     James Thomas, PA, GOLD, Mens MatchPlay World Champion

                                             Ted Lasko, PA, SILVER, Mens MatchPlay  

                                       William Pimm, FL, BRONZE, Mens MatchPlay

                                   Connie Stevens, PA, SILVER Sr. Ladies MatchPlay 

                                  Jeannette Price, MD, BRONZE, Sr. Ladies MatchPlay    

                                         Terry Butler, PA, SILVER, Sr. Mens MatchPlay  

2009, Portugal     -                    Pat Copley, WV, GOLD, Sr. Ladies World Champion 

                                                    Brent Hankins, OH, GOLD, Mens World Champion 

                                                    Steve Pylypchuk, NJ, SILVER, Mens                                                   
                                                   Terry Butler, PA, BRONZE, Mens                                                   
                                                   USA, GOLD, Mens Team World Champions

                                                                        Brent Hankins 

                                                                       Steve Pylypchuk 

                                                                       Terry Butler                                                   
                                                   Jeff Copley, WV, GOLD, Forest, Open Men Sport 

                                                   Steve Pylypchuk, NJ, GOLD, Forest, Open Men Target   
2011, Australia    -                   No US competitors  
2013, Sweden     -                    Pat Copley, WV, GOLD, Sr. Ladies World Champion  
2015 United States   -             Michelle O'Donnell, FL, SILVER Ladies                                                
                                                  Pat Copley, WV,  GOLD, Sr. Ladies World Champion

                                                   Connie Stevens, PA,  SILVER, Sr. Ladies

                                                   Eileen Pylypchuk, VA,  BRONZE, Sr. Ladies 

                                                   Nick Matheson, FL,  SILVER, Open Male Sport Standard 

                                                   Dan Matheson, FL,  SILVER, Sr. Male Sport Standard   

USA Crossbow Outdoor National Championships

 As for the United States Championships since 1960, the type of rounds  shot to determine our crossbow championships changed several times -  from four American rounds to four metric 900 rounds in 1975, to four  International IR-900 with an 80 centimeter face in 1977, then to four  IR-900 rounds scored on a 60 centimeter face from 1988 to 1998.  In  1999, four IT-900 rounds were still shot but the 60 centimeter face at  35 meters was changed to the 40 centimeter three spot target face.   These changes were done in conjunction with changes in the rounds made  by the IAU.  Scores would not be comparable here either.  Listed below  are the Men’s and Ladies Outdoor Champions.  As of 2001 and to date the  US joined the newly formed World Crossbow Shooting Association, the  shooting rounds changed again to (2) TC900 rounds consisting of 30 bolts  each shot at 65M, 55M, and 45M all on a 60cm target face.  

TNC Outdoor National Champions

Year                                                  Men                                          Ladies
1947                                       Paul A. Runyon,   NJ                            None
1948                                       E. Perkins Jr.,  CA                                 None
1949                                       Henry L. Bailey,  NJ                             None
1950                                       Harold G. Morse,  NJ                          None
1951                                       Walter Palkowski,  CA                        None
1952                                       George Stevens,  AR                           None
1953                                       Paul Eytel,  NJ                                      None
1954                                       F.E. Pierce,  CA                                     None
1955                                       Paul Eytel,  NJ                                  Lillian Eytel,  NJ
1956                                       Paul Eytel,  NJ                                  Lillian Eytel,  NJ
1957                                       Robert Brennerman,  OH              Margaret Brennerman,  OH
1958                                       Paul Eytel,  NJ                                   Lillian Eytel,  NJ
1959                                       Paul Eytel,  NJ                                   Margaret Brennerman,  OH
1960                                       Paul Eytel,  NJ                                   Lillian Eytel,  NJ
1961                                       Karl Traudt,  FL                                Fannie Brumble,  OH
1962                                       Robert Brennerman,  OH              Margaret Brennerman,  OH
1963                                       Robert Brennerman,  OH              Margaret Brennerman,  OH
1964                                       Richard Neill,  NJ                                  None
1965                                       George Gurik,  IL                             Margaret Brennerman,  OH
1966                                                  None                                           None
1967                                       George Gurik,  IL                             Margaret Brennerman,  OH
1968                                       Robert Rees,  FL                              Margaret Brennerman,  OH
1969                                       George Gurik,  IL                             Anne Neill,  NJ
1970                                       George Gurik,  IL                             Anne Neill,  NJ
1971                                       George Hall,  NJ                               Anne Neill,  NJ
1972                                       Richard Neill,  NJ                              Grace Kremer,  PA
1973                                       Thomas Hock,  OH                          Carol Pelosi,  MD
1974                                       Thomas Hock,  OH                          Carol Pelosi,  MD
1975                                       Rick Lambert,  VA                            Carol Pelosi,  MD  
1976                                       George Hall,  NJ                               Carol Pelosi,  MD
1977                                       Rolfe Smith,  PA                               Carol Pelosi,  MD
1978                                       Rodney Boyce,  LA                           Carol Pelosi,  MD
1979                                       Rodney Boyce,  LA                           Carol Pelosi,  MD  
1980                                       Erv Myers,  PA                                  Carol Pelosi,  MD
1981                                       Erv Myers,  PA                                  Carol Pelosi,  MD
1982                                       Erv Myers,  PA                                  Carol Pelosi,  MD
1983                                       Robert C.W. Smith,  PA                   Carol Pelosi,  MD
1984                                       Alan Kaufhold,  PA                           Carol Pelosi,  MD
1985                                       Erv Myers,  OH                                  Carol Pelosi,  MD
1986                                       Erv Myers,  OH                                  Carol Pelosi,  MD
1987                                       Alan Kaufhold,  PA                            Carol Pelosi,  MD
1988                                       Stan Pennypacker,  PA                     Carol Pelosi,  MD
1989                                       George Slinzer,  PA                           Lillie Stauffer,  PA
1990                                        John Gracey,  PA                               Carol Pelosi,  MD
1991                                        Jim Thomas,  PA                                Carol Pelosi,  MD  
1992                                        Tom Holland,  NY                             Carol Pelosi,  MD
1993                                        Jim Thomas,  PA                               Carol Pelosi,  MD
1994                                        Jim Thomas,  PA                                Carol Pelosi,  MD
1995                                        William G. Pimm Jr.,  FL                   Carol Pelosi,  MD
1996                                        William G. Pimm Jr.,  FL                   Carol Pelosi,  MD
1997                                        William G. Pimm Jr.,  FL                   Carol Pelosi,  MD
1998                                        Ray Stauffer,  PA                               Carol Pelosi,  MD     
1999                                         William G. Pimm Jr.,  FL                  Carol Pelosi,  MD
2000                                         William G. Pimm Jr.,  FL                  Carol Pelosi,  MD
2001                                         William G. Pimm Jr.,  FL                   Carol Pelosi,  MD
2002                                         William G. Pimm Jr.,  FL                   Carol Pelosi,  MD
2003                                         William G. Pimm Jr.,  FL                   Carol Pelosi,  MD
2004                                         William G. Pimm Jr.,  FL                   Carol Pelosi,  MD
2005*                                       William G. Pimm Jr.  FL                    Pat Copley,  WV
2006**                                     Jim Thomas, PA                                Carol Pelosi, MD
2007**                                     Jim Thomas, PA                                Carol Pelosi, MD
2008**                                     Jim Thomas, PA                                 Pat Copley,  WV
2009**                                     Jim Thomas, PA                                 Carol Pelosi, MD
2010**                                     Ted Lasko, PA                                    Michelle O'Donnell, FL
2011**                                      William G. Pimm Jr.,  FL                   Pat Copley,  WV
2012**                                      Ted Lasko, PA                                   Pat Copley, WV
2013**                                      Ted Lasko, PA                                       None
2014**                                      Ted Lasko, PA                                    Pat Copley, WV
2015**                                      Ted Lasko, PA                                    Michelle  O'Donnell, FL
2016**                                      Ted Lasko, PA                                       None
2017**                                      Ted Lasko, PA                                       None  

2018**                                      Steve Pylypchuk                               Eileen Pylypchuk                                               

 Held at State College PA in conjunction with the Eastern Archery Championships
**  Held at Brookdale Park in Bloomfield NJ  

USA Crossbow Indoor National Championships

 Like life, the only sure thing in crossbow is CHANGE.  The first  several National Indoor Championships involved two Metric-900 Rounds,  shot in the spacious Farm Show Building (also called the Cow Palace) in  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  The Metric-900 Round gave way to a FITA-2 and  FITA-1, 25 and 18 meter rounds respectively, when major renovations to  the building precluded the shooting of outdoor distances indoors.  In  more recent years, the NAA Indoor Championships have been regionalized  into Eastern, Southern, Northern and Western segments.  Scores from each  region are sent to the NAA headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado,  where they are collated into a single weep sheet to determine the  archery and crossbow champions.  Crossbowmen and women do not compete  against other NAA archers.  However, for the indoor nationals both shoot  the same rounds.    

TNC / NAA Indoor Crossbow Champions  

Year                      Ladies                                        Men                             Juniors  

1972              Grace Kremer                          Charles Sacco              

1973                  Ann Neill                              Charles Sacco 

1974              Fredna Ward                            Hardy Ward 

1975               Carol Pelosi                            Rick Lambert 

1976               Carol Pelosi                            Randi Kremer 

1977               Carol Pelosi                           Thomas Phipps  

1978               Carol Pelosi                            Charles Sacco  

1979               Carol Pelosi                            Alan Kaufold  

1980               Carol Pelosi                               Erv Myers  

1981               Carol Pelosi                            Charles Sacco             Matt Huelscamp 

1982               Carol Pelosi                               Erv Myers  

1983               Carol Pelosi                               Erv Myers                 Mark McGovern 

1984               Carol Pelosi                               Erv Myers                 Mark McGovern 

1985               Carol Pelosi                             Jim Thomas                 Traci Pollock 

1986               Carol Pelosi                             Jim Thomas  

1987               Carol Pelosi                             Jim Thomas                Robert A. Wells 

1988               Carol Pelosi                             Jim Thomas                 Jason Marlow 

1989               Carol Pelosi                             Jim Thomas  

1990               Carol Pelosi                            Ray Stauffer  

1991               Carol Pelosi                           Tom Holland  

1992              Lillie Stauffer                          Tom Holland  

1993               Carol Pelosi                             Jim Thomas  

1994               Carol Pelosi                           Tom Holland  

1995              Carol Pelsoi                            Tom Holland  

1996              Carol Pelosi                            Tom Holland  

1997              Carol Pelosi                            Tom Holland  

1998              Carol Pelosi                            Tom Holland  

1999              Carol Pelosi                            Tom Holland  

2000              Carol Pelosi                            Tom Holland  

2001              Carol Pelosi                         William G. Pimm, Jr.  

2002              Carol Pelosi                            Tom Holland 

2003              Carol Pelosi                          William G. Pimm Jr. 

2004              Carol Pelosi                               Jim Thomas 

2005               Pat Copley                                Jim  Thomas 

2006               Pat Copley                             Tom Holland 

2007             Ashley Butler                           Tom Holland 

2008              Carol Pelosi                             Tom Holland 

2009               Pat Copley                              Tom Holland 

2010              Carol Pelosi                             Tom Holland 

2011              Carol Pelosi                             Tom Holland 

2012               Pat Copley                              Tom Holland 

2013               Pat Copley                              Tom Holland 

2014               Pat Copley                              Tom Holland 

2015               Pat Copley                             Brent Hankins 

2016              Carol Pelosi                            Brent Hankins 

2017        Michelle O'Donnell                      Tom Holland  

2018              Carol Pelosi                             Tom Holland

Other Major Tournaments

Competition for crossbows is offered by a number of local, state, and  regional archery organizations in addition to the national and  international competitions already mentioned.  Most target archery  groups, if approached, will make provisions for crossbow competition;  and recently the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) and the  International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) have opened their  competitions to crossbow shooting.  Although in the NFAA and the IBO  competitions, a Sport Crossbow is more conducive to these rounds.  

The World Archery Federation took over the organization  of the Atlantic City Archery Classic, an annual event that crossbow has  been part of for almost 20 years.  Listed below are the Champions for  both the World Archery Festival and the Atlantic City International  Archery Classic, (ACAC).  We are still searching for the Champions for  some years of ACAC but will update as new information comes in.  The  NFAA  officially voted to include a crossbow division for tournaments  held at the national level.  A crossbow division would be optional for  NFAA events at the regional and state level.  To begin with, it will be  limited to target style crossbows and indoor competition.  This would  mean that crossbows would be included at the NFAA Indoor National  Championships, held in Louisville KY and also make crossbows eligible  for the 3 Star tour which includes a large cash prize for the highest  score over the 3 main NFAA tournaments, The World Archery Festival, The  NFAA Indoor Championships and the Atlantic City / Pittsburgh Archery  Classic. 


Atlantic City International Archery Classic   

One of  the major indoor crossbow tournaments had been the Atlantic City  International Archery Classic.  This tournament has been held for close  to 30 years.  It was started by Dr. Helen Bolnick, Archery Coach at  Atlantic City Community College.  More on the Pittsburgh venue after the  first tournament held there in April 2005.  This tournament changed  formats of the years and target sizes so the winners are listed below  but not scores.  This is the only major indoor tournament shooting  longer distances, 40, 50, and 60 meters for some years then changing  over to 40, 50, and 60 yards.  Sixty total arrows were shot per day, 30  at each distance.  The target faces began with the 80cm colored face and  changed over to the 60cm target face.  The World Archery Federation, took over  the management of this tournament in 2003 and as of 2005, had moved it  to Pittsburgh.  It was the 3rd leg of the NFAA 3 Star tour.   Listed  below are the Champions for this very popular tournament:  

Year                                     Ladies                                    Men’s 

       1978                                  Carol Pelosi                        Charlie Sacco                      

       1979                                  Carol Pelosi                        Charlie Sacco                      

       1980                                  Carol Pelosi                          Erv Meyers                      

       1981                                  Carol Pelosi                        Alan Kaufhold                      

       1982                                  Carol Pelosi                        Alan Kaufhold                      

       1983                                  Carol Pelosi                        Alan Kaufhold                      

       1984                                           ?                                          ?                             

       1985                                           ?                                   Charlie Sacco                      

       1986                                           ?                                          ?                              

       1987                                           ?                                          ?                       

       1988                                  Lillie Stuaffer                       Alan Kaufhold                      

       1989                                           ?                               William G. Pimm Jr.                      

       1990                                  Lillie Stuaffer                   William G. Pimm Jr.                      

       1991                                 Michele Pimm                        Jim Thomas                      

       1992                                  Lillie Stauffer                    William G. Pimm Jr.                      

       1993                                  Lillie Stauffer                       Mike Steninger                      

       1994                                  Lillie Stauffer                    William G. Pimm Jr.                      

       1995                                           ?                                 William G. Pimm Jr.                      

       1996                                  Carol Pelosi                       William G. Pimm Jr.                      

       1997                                Jeannette Price                   William G. Pimm Jr.                      

       1998                                   Pat Copley                        William G. Pimm Jr.                      

       1999                                Jeannette Price                   William G. Pimm Jr.                      

       2000                                   Pat Copley                        William G. Pimm Jr.                      

       2001                                   Pat Copley                        William G. Pimm Jr.                      

       2002                                  Carol Pelosi                       William G. Pimm Jr.                      

       2003                                  Carol Pelosi                       William G. Pimm Jr.                      

       2004                                  Carol Pelosi                             Jim Thomas 


WAF Archery Classic in Pittsburgh PA

The World Archery  Federation has moved this tournament from Atlantic City to Pittsburgh  beginning in 2005, it is the same format as was held in Atlantic City  and replaces the Atlantic City International Archery Classic.   


Year                              Ladies Champion                  Mens Champion   

       2005                                  Ashley Butler                      William G. Pimm Jr.

The World Archery Festival - Las Vegas  

The World  Archery Federation officially included a  crossbow division at their World Archery Festival in Las Vegas NV in  2003, this was a significant accomplishment being the first tournament  for crossbows that included prize money.   In this competition Men shot  against Ladies, in one class until 2005 when the NFAA voted in an  official crossbow division into their organization.  With that decision,  there is now both a Men's and Ladies Champion crowned in the NFAA  sponsored events.  

Year                                                          Champion                                                                     

                                                              Men                              Ladies  

          2003*                                                                           Carol Pelosi                     

          2004*                               William G. Pimm Jr.                     

          2005                                 William G. Pimm Jr.          Carol Pelosi                     

          2006                                 William G. Pimm Jr.          Carol Pelosi                     

          2007                                 William G. Pimm Jr.          Carol Pelosi                     

          2008                                 William G. Pimm Jr.          Ashley Butler                     

          2009                                 William G. Pimm Jr.           Pat Copley                     

          2010                                 William G. Pimm Jr.          Ashley Butler                     

          2011                                 William G. Pimm Jr.       Michelle O'Donnell                     

          2012                                       Terry Butler           Ashley Butler Rampulla                     

          2013                                     Gary Gilmore                  Pat Copley                     

          2014*                               William G. Pimm Jr.                          

          2015*                                Florent Guillaume                     

          2016*                                                                         Michelle O'Donnell                       

          2017*                                                                         MichelleO'Donnell 

          2018*                                William G Pimm Jr    

                                                                                                                                                                                   * Designates years with just one crossbow division. 

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If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Announce coming events

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Display real testimonials

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Promote current deals

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Share the big news

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Display their FAQs

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.